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What is a Chatbot?

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A Chatbot is a tiny artificial intelligence program that simulate interactions with customers. It can be used through any messaging application. It responds to customers through database matched to keywords.

What are other names for a Chatbot?

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Chatbots are also called:
· Chatterbot
· TalkBot
· Bot
· IMBot
· Interactive Agent

What are some Advantages of Chatbots?

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Some advantages of Chatbots are:
· They are available 24/7
· Not limited by physical location
· Cost effective
· Can be proactive or reactive
· Consistent responses

Are there different types of Chatbots?

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Yes, there are different types of Chatbots.
There are:
· Support Chatbots
· Skills Chatbots
· Assistant Bots
· Transactional Bots
· Informational & Information Gathering Bots

What is the difference between each one?

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The Difference between the types of Chatbots are:

Support Chatbots are designed to solve a specific problem.

Skills Chatbots can follow commands
(such as Alexa or Siri).

Assistant Chatbots are good at answering questions and conversations.

Transactional Chatbots act on behalf of humans. For example: placing an order or creating a reservation.

Information Chatbots collect and distribute information. For example: Bots that send push notifications.

Information Gathering Chatbots extract information from people or internet resources.

Can there be bad Chatbots?

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Yes, there are some bad bots.
Ways to know you are talking to a bad bot are:
· Mentions a Product or Service
· Sends a link that you didn't ask for
· Asks for personal financial information
· Responds *suspiciously* quickly
· Repeats answer
· Does not speak naturally

If you come across a bad Bot with a company, report the Bot to the company.

How do I bait a bot?

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Ways to bait a Bot are:
· Asking the right question (as in the weird ones)
· Try saying "Ummm"
· Ask to see a video

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